well thanks marie jolie for the input on the move to alaska. although i would love to go to alaska, at this point in our lives and with the crazy economy, we have voted no. for now. i foresee one day moving there, but yeah, the time just ain't right. especially not with my baby in kindergarten!

my Flint went to kindergarten yesterday. his brother cried a lot. he is four. they are super close. flint loved it! thank god! went again today and monte cried again. heartbreaking. i hope that this doesn't happen everyday for monte.

i am seeing him off to school and waiting for him to arrive at grandma's. at least for two more days. then my school starts and grandma will be getting him on and off of the school bus, which he thinks is a blast. no seatbelts. bouncy. and takes curves like a race car. every mothers nightmare. well hopefully the crazy bus driver calms down.

pictures soon. lots of projects to share. and a picture of the new school boy forthcoming! stay tuned.