last day for the giveaway

I go this in the mail the other day and it had some great knits in it.

there was this, which i just saw on craftzine how to make out of an upside down sweater!!

and this one...

and my favorite!! i want to try and make this sometime. i don't have the yarn for it right now though so it will have to wait.

and some new yarn. hopefully enough there for a pair of big socks for my mother-in-law for christmas.
this is a cotton blend sock yarn from yarntopia.

the color is starbucks.

winner of giveaway to be announced tomorrow. You guys have a pretty good chance, since not too many signed up!


more for the giveaway

an added item for my giveaway. merino. spun by me. one 3ply (@60 yds). one 2ply (@60 yds).

see post below for more details on the giveway for my 100th posting!!

i spent this weekend recycling a couple of sweaters from goodwill.
can't remember the company for this one.
but it was a large striped sweater.
this is 100% cotton in lots of strips because of the stripes.
but should make a really cool sweater for a baby or little person.

more 100% cotton yarn. for US 7 or 8 needles.
from a sweater from target. Merino brand name.
lovely chocolate brown.
hoping to make a vest or sleeveless sweater from this.
ideas are circling in my brain.
must finish napoleon first though.
son's 6th birthday was saturday.
he wanted a ghostie cake that he saw in the martha stewart
halloween magazines.
ghosties made from large and small marshmallows and chocolate icing.
it was a big hit with everyone.
he also wanted a red velvet (blood red) cake.
here he is looking oh so excited before blowing out the candles!


GIVEAWAY: 100th post!!!!

Here it is ... what you could win...

4 skeins dk weight plymouth encore yarn in a rather vibrant green and Knit 2 Together by tracy ullman.
to win post a comment here about why you like blogs or blogging and i will choose a winner at random. you have until thursday oct 29 to comment. friday i will choose a winner and let you know. please make sure that i have an e-mail or another way to get ahold of you !! thanks.

here's a close up of the yarn. sorry, it is rainy here so the lighting is bad.

this huge (well you can't tell but it is a big box) of alpaca fiber is going out today!! glad to get rid of it and make someone else happy. traded someone for a yarn i have never tried through a group on ravelry. man you have got to love that site!!!

napoleon is comin along well. i am pretty much finished with the lower back portion. i did the puckers a little differently to help make up for the fact that my gauge is different.
i made the puckers 5 rows of knitting by using short rows so that i wasn't adding too much to the width of the bottom portion. i also made the first 2 puckers 10 stitches long, the 3rd and 5th puckers 12 stitches long, the center one 14 stitches long and the last 2 back to 10 stitches. in the pattern they are all 10 stitches long. i didn't like that. but i liked the way they now form a V. we will see how well that works out for the final look.


giveaway coming and an FO

First, I am nearing my 100th post. actually it is the next one!! that is kind of a milestone so there will be a giveaway. sorry sewers, it will be yarn related. so look for the details in the next and 100th post!

Foliage by Emilee
yarn: lamb's pride worsted
color: prairie fire
needles: US 7 and US5
I love this hat!! it is a little scratchy according to my boys and is a "girl's hat". it is destined to be someone's christmas present. i guess a girl's christmas present.
i love the color of this yarn. i have some of it left. i need to find a creative way to use it. headband?? bracelet?? not sure that there is enough there for anything else. :(
I have started Napoleon with the rummage sale sweater orange tweed yarn. i decided on size 6 needles instead of the size 7. I was getting 19st = 3.5 inches. so i cast on 76 and made the end stitches selvedge.
this sweater is knit in different directions. the botton is knit in 2 parts. the knitting is not done from top to bottom but rather it is knit so that the knit stitches will run horizontal. it should be interesting. i hope that the finished product is as beautiful as theirs. i have been in love with this pattern ever since i first saw it!!

Remember, giveaway details the next time i post!!


goodies from recycling

First up, t-shirt backpack from one the the cool t-shirt recycling books that I have picked up. one i posted about last week. this was cool skeleton t-shirt.

the pack is double layered for sturdiness.
it's ties are also from t-shirt material knotted through holes in the bottom.

the boys love it.

second, goodwill sweater recycling. sweaters from goodwill not as cheap as from a rummage sale but way better selection. this sweater had 7 cool buttons too.
it is a orange tweed. made of 55% ramie, 30% nylon, and 15% wool and it is made by baxter and wells. perfect for size 7 needles and Napoleon by Berroco.

third, another recycled goodwill sweater. this is more size 3 needles or 4. it is a gorgeous green tweed. 50% acrylic, 25% wool and 25% nylon. very soft if you can believe it.

fourth goodie, my niece. in a snow cat hat!! free prize pattern from cosymakes.

sorry, she wasn't a happy camper for the photo shoot.

but thanks over there at cosymakes!


what i am up to and what i want to be up to

working on foliage from knitty.com's fall 2007 issue. love it. love this color. want more. it is lamb's pride worsted in prairie fire. this is destined to me a christmas present if i can give it up.

disclaimer: i don't know why these next pictures are sideways??

anyway this is blackstone tweed #288 from berroco.

i want this...

and this... need yarn though.

i got this from the library.

i love this, but would never wear it.

i want to make this...

and this...

all made from t-shirts. i am so going to goodwill friday to get some more t-shirts on the cheap since rummage sale season is over.

the boys and i went to a civil war reenactment this weekend too. and this is what we saw...

abe lincoln...


confederates... losing...

and cannon fire!! totally fun! and good food and oldtime favorites.
P.S. : i won! a giveaway over at cosymakess. check out what i won.


more goodies

Another FO. This is the Quickie Cowl (again can't link it from here. stupid computer).

Yarn: Misti International chunky
color : this fun pumpkin orange
needles : US10.5
It took next to no time to make and is absolutely gorgeous. and soo soft and scrunchy!!!

It can also me a headband/earwarmer.

Got this yarn in a trade.

Plymouth Royal Cashmere (100% fine Italian cashmere)
yardage: 154
color : 0747
lot : 247

and this yarn... hate it. does anyone want it??? check my stash page for details but it is Trekking Pro Natural. It is in shades of brown (that is kind of hard to tell in the picture). my mother-in-law wanted me to make her some socks out of this but i can't stand knitting with it. that just happens sometimes with me. i will have to find her some other brown sock yarn to use.

e-mail me or PM me on ravelry if you are interested. i love trading.

And this is the new addition to our family. her name is still up for grabs even after a week. the hubby says Cheeky. The boys say Naughty and then Mini Pod cause she is a mini version of our other dog. Then the boys said that her first name is Naughty and her last name is Mini Pod and they haven't come up with a middle name yet. Hopefully something sticks soon her she will be confused later in life.