yarn and things

my niece! doesn't she have beautiful eyes. snapped this photo of her fascinated with my son's ear!

spun up all the FatCats merino. in three bunches.

3-ply (navajo plied)
sport weight??
don't like this so much. didn't like how the color combinations were turning out. so if anyone is interested, let me know. i love trading.
light fingering
@136 yds in two skeins
love it! so soft. beautiful color combinations.

progress on my made up version of Olive.
i am finally past the armholes and working my way down the body.


what to do?

my husband and i love Alaska. it is gorgeous. he has talked about moving but now he is getting serious. i just don't know what to do about it.

i love my job. he hates his. if we move there, will i be able to get a job? what about the kids? they won't have any family near by. can we survive? i hear that everything there is really expensive; living costs, food, what nots.

if i quit my job this close to the beginning of the school year and then he doesn't like the job in alaska, will i be able to find another job near here that i like as much as the one that i have now? ok. now i am getting an ulcer. any thoughts?



Finished my yellow (project spectrum: may/june) razor cami just a tad shy of the deadline. oh well. i love it!

Project: razor cami
Yarn: knit picks sport shine (4.5 skeins)
color : butter
needle : US4
lots of mods. see ravelry page.

been working on my alabama chanin skirt. i have two panels complete with two to go!

spun up the australian wool that i hand dyed. hate it! loved the experience but the yarn is just too scratchy for me. anyone want to trade?

australian wool
2 balls : larger ball (276 yds) smaller ball (121 yds)
currently spinning fatcats merino in fingerpaint colorway

love it! it is so soft and colorful. going to navajo ply this. hopefully this week!

working on my own version of the Olive shirt. details so far on ravelry.
and what have my boys been up to...
go-carting! don't worry completely safe. the thing only goes about 3 mph. it can't even make it up a small hill. they have to push it. but they love it anyway! that is my 4-year old monte above and flint the 5yr old below.



kate asked me about my flyer hooks. whether they were fixed or not?? well no, sadly they are not. but i am forging ahead anyway. i am kind of afraid to mess with them. but one of these days i will get up the nerve to try.

Thanks for the comments ladies, especially about my tank. i just love it too!!


another update


Bought some FatCatKnits merino roving in a color called Fingerpaints for project spectrum RED. can't wait to spin this up!


started knitting the razor cami with my knit picks shine in butter.

finished tuxedo sleeveless tank. LOVE IT! fits great and i love the buttons. see ravelry for details.

finally started stitching my skirt. this design comes from the alabama stitch book. loving it. but it is going to take forever to finish.

this is come Australian wool in a boring white.

put it in the remaining dye from dyeing the anne elliot spencer shrug.

came out in shades of grey like kettle dyed.

going to spin this into a 2-ply.

ready to spin up.

spinning progress so far. this is really going quickly. probably since it is pencil roving and pretty much ready to go.