Finished my yellow (project spectrum: may/june) razor cami just a tad shy of the deadline. oh well. i love it!

Project: razor cami
Yarn: knit picks sport shine (4.5 skeins)
color : butter
needle : US4
lots of mods. see ravelry page.

been working on my alabama chanin skirt. i have two panels complete with two to go!

spun up the australian wool that i hand dyed. hate it! loved the experience but the yarn is just too scratchy for me. anyone want to trade?

australian wool
2 balls : larger ball (276 yds) smaller ball (121 yds)
currently spinning fatcats merino in fingerpaint colorway

love it! it is so soft and colorful. going to navajo ply this. hopefully this week!

working on my own version of the Olive shirt. details so far on ravelry.
and what have my boys been up to...
go-carting! don't worry completely safe. the thing only goes about 3 mph. it can't even make it up a small hill. they have to push it. but they love it anyway! that is my 4-year old monte above and flint the 5yr old below.


  1. My boys would go crazy for a go-cart! (they love all things that go)

    Your razor cami is gorgeous - it looks like a fun knit.

    Love the spinning on the fatcats merino - I have got to learn how to navajo ply.