destash, sigh, and greenery

I have been destashing some of my knitting books over on ravelry for yarn. In this day of save, save, save, it is oh so important to be careful how our money is spent. What better way to save money than to trade!

I am going to be getting all kinds of yarn yumminess for these knitting books that (let's face it) are awesome, have beautiful pictures and are designed by some pretty outstanding women but are just collecting dust in my house. I would rather see them put to good use by someone else. So out with the old and in with some new yarn here in sneezerville.

These packages are off to as far away as England and as near as Tennessee.

Plus this means I get some more packages in the mail. I just love getting packages in the mail! It drives my husband crazy for some odd reason. He ought to be happy that I am saving money by trading things that I already have and have gotten good use out of for something new and useful. Instead of doing what a lot of his friends' wives do and just spend money left and right shopping for frivolties!!

In other news, mom's first sock is almost finished. I only have the picot edge to do and then I am off to the races on the other sock, which should just fly along considering that I now know what I am doing.

Project spectrum: some greenery
My students' desk chairs are green, so are the cabinets, shelves, lockers and desks at my school. Can you guess our school colors?

That's right, red and black!

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