Baby shoes and other goodies

I got these beauties in a trade for some leftover yarn that I had. I asked for 2 and I got 6! I love the people on ravelry. They are so giving! I hope that she really enjoyed the yarn.
I realized last night that I have a baby shower to go to this Friday. So I got my butt in gear and whipped up these last night. I am still a slow handstitcher so it took me a couple hours. I am sure on a sewing machine, it would have taken less than half an hour!
This a view of the inside of the shoes with the setting sun.

I put fleece between the two sole pieces to give it some sturdiness.

Project : Kimono Baby Shoes by Aimee Larsen (found the tutorial here.)
Size : 0 - 6 months
Fabric : Some fat quarter leftovers from bags I made at Christmas
Mods: none yet, debating on putting a button on each partway
up with some thin elastic to hook over them to help them stay on.
The top opening just seems too big to stay on wiggliing baby feet.

I love the inside of these!

This fabric pattern seems very Japanese to me. Works great with this pattern.

Pomatomus is coming along swimmingly. I love how this yarn is knitting up with the pattern and the yarn itself is wonderful to use.

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  1. your cadbury eggs are tempting me - i've been avoiding all season...