mom's socks

Project : Mom's striped socks (used You're putting me on sock pattern by Judy Gibson)
started / completed : 22-27 March 2009
Yarn : Magic stripes by LionBrand (1 ball)
color : denim stripes
Needle : US 3
I love how easy this heel comes together working from the toe up.

Project : Spiral sock for mom (based on Swirl Sock pattern by Sulafaye)
started / completed : 18 February - 20 March 2009
Yarn : koigu KPPPM (2 balls)
color : pinky orange

Made both of these socks for mom's birthday coming up in April. I hope she really likes them. She wears the other pair that I made so much that I had to mend them. I think that means that she deserves many more socks in the future.
Next up, finishing the swingy sweater (which I haven't touched in awhile) and socks for my sister for her birthday at the end of April.

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  1. I'm glad you found the kimono pattern but honestly...those socks are to die for! I just started knitting in January and have only done a few hats and a scarf. WOW! And they are pretty too!