last weekend

I went to the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Ft. Wayne, Indiana this past weekend. It was great. Kids had a lot of fun and I bought a little yarn. Pictured here. Gorgeous stuff. I wish that you could feel it. We also went to the book store where I finally picked up Heather Ross's book Weekend Sewing. I bought some Japanese books too to share with the class that I am teaching. Big hit.

Yarn : Misti Alpaca
yds : 108 yds
Color : 707
Lot # : 79229

These are what I want to make from the book (if I ever have any free time this year!)

And of course a kid shot. My son the flag football player. Next year, Monte will play. He is just too whiny for it right now.

On a sad note: the brother of a close friend of ours was drowned on a hunting trip this past weekend. at that time the body was lost down stream. we got word that his friend's were leaving alaska to come home without finding the body. this was very upsetting to our friend and my husband. so they flew out to alask on sunday morning to help in recovery efforts. his body was found yesterday by volunteers. my husband and his buddy are making arrangements today for the body to be brought home. please send you best wishes and prayers out to the Taylor family and hope for a speedy and safe return home for my husband and his friend.


  1. I love Misti Alpaca - we sell it at Borealis Yarns (where I work part time), and every once in a while I just have to go over and give it a little squeeze :) So far, I have been able to use enough willpower to manage to actually take home a paycheck.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend - what a tragedy. My prayers are with his family and yours.

  2. That's very sad news. Your family and the Taylors are in my prayers.

    Enjoy working your way through weekend sewing. It's a lovely book :-)