Bliss is Blissful

So using my rummage sale sweater of 100% cotton. I unraveled and created Bliss. This is what I have leftover and ...

here is the sweater...

I absolutely love it. It feels like I took forever to finish it because school has been sooooo busy but it was well worth it. I may live in this thing. It fits perfectly and looks fabulous (if i may say so myself). look for the details on my rav page. hope to have these photos downloaded to there sometime this week.

Started Rosette Stitch Cowl from One More Skein. Doing this on size 13 needles (pattern calls for 35s. Don't have that size. making this work) and using the new Misti alpaca because i couldn't resist it any longer. this is destined to join other small knits as a christmas present.
And Flint playing flag football. Isn't he cute? I need to get some Monte pictures for you all too.

***edited: I think that you can look me up on ravelry by typing in brittsneezer. i can't link to it here at school. they have it blocked. they say it is a chatroom. oh bull!


  1. That is gorgeous! What *is* your ravelry page, if I may ask? :)

  2. Her project page is: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/brittsneezer

  3. Wow, this sweater turned out great! I almost can't beleive its recycled yarn!