Burb clothes

I needed another present for the baby shower to go along with the shoes, so I made a couple of burp clothes. I love this fabric pattern. I think that it just looks good for a kid. I got it in the mail in the fat quarter trade that went on over at Sew! Mama! Sew!

Ok, so how I made them. I went out to Wal-mart and bought a package of cloth diapers, washed them and then was completely disappointed by how thin they were. How did Gerbers expect these to catch anything! Anyhoo, I was just going to put a strip of material down the middle of the cloth where it is the thickest but that wasn't going to work considering how thin they were. So I took the sides and folded them in to the edge of the heavy part in the middle. Then I cut the fabric 2 inches wider than the diaper, folded the 2 inches in so that the material was slightly smaller than the edges.

Next, I folded a bit of fabric over the short ends of the diaper where I had folded them in. I just didn't like the fact that you could see that I had folded the sides in. So I just tucked the fabric up over the sides that were folded in. Then I sewed them really close to the edge so that the two side were held tight together. You can't even tell that I folded the sides in! So it worked well. I basically used a running stitch all the way around, close to the edge to attach the fabric.

The best part: the shoes look good with the burp clothes!
Project : Baby burp cloth
Pattern: basically mine
Fabric : from fat quarter trade (one fat quarter made 2 burp clothes)
Materials : Gerbers cloth diapers, thick thread, one fat quarter

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  1. what lovely handmade gifts...surely to be treasured...nice work :]