remember this mess? well it is now this...
basically i made a patch for it.
i looked at a video on how to darn a sock, but i just didn't think that it would work well considering the damage. so i took some yarn and went around the edge of the hole picking up loose stitching and securing those that weren't loose. then i knit an 8 st by 1.5 inch patch, placed it over the patch and mattress stitched it down. it is a little bumpy on the inside from the mattress stitching but my mom says it feels fine and she is joyously happy to have her warm socks back.
ok, mom. love you! and you are definitely getting more socks for your birthday!

crappy cheap yarn from walmart for zakka pouch. it's peaches 'n' cream 4ply cotton in cream. it will go great with the fabric that i plan on using. and i really don't mind that it's cheap. or that it came from walmart. also picked up the winter Vogue knitting because i just had to read the article about Jared Flood. he is such an awesome knitwear designer. and if you have never seen his blog, you definitely need to head there now!

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  1. the socks are lovely and your zakka will be perfect!!