Warning photo heavy post!

Project : Pomatomus by Cookie A.
started / completed : April 2009
yarn : Gyspy Girl
color : blue Hawaii
needles : US2
i love this sock! the pattern is great especially with this sock yarn and color. i originally made this with my sister in mind, but I do believe that these are going to mom this sunday for her birthday.

i even love the heel!
i went to JoAnn Fabrics over easter break and picked up some goodies for upcoming projects.

fat quarters for some kind of bag.

egyptian cotton and batik for a skirt like assemblage's.

she is my style guru! i love everything she makes and want one for myself. i hope she doesn't mind. if you don't read her blog, you need to go check it out.

this is some indigo denim for some fisherman pants. pattern from burda style.
but again inspired by assemblage.

i also spotted this magazine and couldn't resist. i love that scarf on the front.
and t does wool has a wonderful version of the scarf to check out.

i also got my blog contest winning gift from stardustshoes!
i cool bag and some seduce by berroco. the yarn is great so soft and smooth and very thin. amazingly enough this yarn uses US 7 needles. it is like fingering weight though and there is about 100 yds of the stuff! and the bag is wonderful. it can hold sooo many goodies!

yarn from nepal!
yarn : a greater gift
content : 100% hand dyed sheep's wool
single ply (azo free dye)
Yardage: 160yd
colors : orange, purple and pink
i have been assisting a long term substitute here at the school because she was having difficulty controlling one of her classes. (the kids seem to think that if they don't like a teacher they don't have to do anything they say! i think that it is atrocious! i they know that i won't stand for that behavior so while i am in the room with them she gets a little peace. it is kind of sad that they act that way) well, she leaves on friday so she got me this gift as a thank you for giving up my prep period to help her out. i told her it was completely unnecessary but i do love the yarn.

birthday gift from the mother-in-law... a drop spindle and some sample wool (from oak meadow alpaca farm in walkerton, indiana) to practice.
i had mentioned that i would like to learn to do that sometime, so she bought one! love her!
know i need to google how to do it. and buy some roving!

the sample wool. sorry i have no idea what it is!
more tomorrow!

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