a new knit ring

So in this post I talked about how I made a fabric ring to help keep my finger from being abused by my knitting style. Well, it has already worn out! So I decided that I needed something that would hold up a little better.

Project : Knit ring
started / completed : 3 April 2009 (took about 10 minutes)
materials : buckskin, heavy duty brown thread
I had bought a buckskin a couple of years back at Ft. Wayne, Indiana's Johnny Appleseed Festival. It is a big outdoor craft show. They also have an 1840s camp, that is where I got the buckskin.
Ok, for you city slickers, buckskin is a deer hide that has been soften; nowadays by using chemicals. I bought it hoping to make a cool skirt out of it but unfortunately there wasn't enough there in good shape. You see when the deer is skinned, if the skinner isn't careful, they can trim too much away which makes holes in the long run. This one had too many. So I used a very small amount to make this ring.
Basically, I cut my ruined fabric ring in half, placed it on the buckskin, cut around the ring, trimmed the edges to a slight curve, stretched the buckskin a little and marked where it stretched to, stitched in place, and voilá.


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