And the winners are....

WOW! what can i say?? i had such an overwelming amount of commenters for my giveaway...325! i hope that some of you come back and visit again.

ok. well, i wanted my boys to draw the winners but we didn't get to a computer on saturday like i thought that we would. so some of you got in the drawing eventhough you commented past the deadline. bonus for you!!

so without further ado.

this is the knitter's lot.

i drew...
drumroll, please...

marie*jolie from permission to unwind!
and now for the sewer's lot! (i felt kind of bad about this one. your odds weren't as good for this one.)
look at all of you...
i drew...

drumroll again, please...

P.S. : Julia, got the package! thanks for the extras! pics of what she got me tomorrow. hopefully.
P.P.S : damn, blocker on this computer just stopped me from going to ravelry.com when it has allowed it all year long!!! pissed. i have a spinning question that now i have to wait several days to ask!!! #$%$@##%$$^#%%$


  1. Ooh, goody! Thank you so much! This was definitely my favorite (and luckiest) Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway yet! (And how cool that I won from someone that I already know in cyberspace!) Woo hoo! Cartwheels!

    Thanks, Britt-

  2. This was such a great double giveaway, thank you so much for holding it, Britt!

    Huge congrats to Marie*Jolie and craftykat!

  3. me??? How exciting!!! Thank you so much Britt! I can't seem to find your email address - mine is ktho5863@mail.usyd.edu.au - if you email me i can email you back my address!
    Once again - a HUGE THANKS!!!

  4. Anonymous1.6.09

    Really,,,,a super generous giveaway!

    Congrats to the winners!

    I am so happy that you liked your trade!

    I AM in LOVE with mine!