having fun


my boys have been catching frogs!

Monte (4yrs) and Flint (5yrs) with Hoppy the Frog.

spinning yarn.
2 - ply bamboo/merino spun on the spindle and plied on the wheel.

bracelet from Leethal's patterns. linen stitch. 10yds of wool yarn. two buttons from Leethal.
Back again as soon as i can!


  1. Love seeing your boys with the frog! We haven't found any frogs yet in our yard - but, there are PLENTY of worms (I've been gifted a few of them!).

  2. You are so adept at spinning! It's a skill I'd like to learn someday, and I actually owned an Ashford spinning wheel for awhile. I miss it. I hope to pick it up someday, perhaps when my boys are out of the house. Even though they are teenagers, I'm still a homeschool mom so my free time is limited. I'm doing a little giveaway on my blog today (until Monday) if you want to swing by. :)

  3. the boys are adorable rascals with the frog!!