goings on since the giveaway

i sent bought leethal's bracelet kit. it is wonderful. recycled paper, recycled yarn and buttons. beautiful photos. plenty of information on how to make them. wonderful use of some left over yarn.

i have already made two. one with the give yarn and one with some of my handspun. photos soon i hope.

i also received this over the weekend. it is called ambroisia. looks like a mottled mess but...

spins up beautifully. you can see the shifting colors much better spun up. this is my first yarn on my new (used) wheel. hoping for a fingering weight 2-ply. we will see. one set of singles is done. will be starting the next batch soon.

also received my package from julia.
a wonderful card, a cute little owl, a handy notebook for jotting things down and an awesome wrap for knitting projects.

here is the wrap up close from the inside. small and functional. my next project will be going in there very soon. getting ready to start the bella blouse out of some bamboo that i had original bought to make a skirt and have since talked myself out of.


  1. Found you through the SMS giveaway... love your blog. I need to get out the drop spindle I picked up somewhere and never did much with... and I've read back to the beginning of your posts :) Good stuff throughout! I love how you make homemade sweaters look *good*. Have you ever tried short-row heels on your socks? I like the way they look better than the gusset style.

  2. Pretty spinning! Where's the roving from?