first, Kate asked where the roving from my last post came from. sadly, i don't remember. i got it through a bartering group on ravelry. but i can't for the life of me remember who it was. i am horrible about that sort of thing.

second, another look at my new (used) wheel. it is a Louet S10. i am thinking an older model because the footman looks nothing like all the ones that i have been looking at on the net lately. the only thing that bugs me about it is the fact that the hooks are rusted. this thing was covered in some kind of film when i got it. i cleaned it up and now it looks pretty good and works great, but i am kind of afraid to spin any really light colored yarn on this.

i have asked a few spinners about replacing the hooks. it sounds possible, but if i don't do it right i am going to have to buy another flyer. not looking forward to that. a new flyer costs half of what i paid for the whole wheel! crazy. i will have to wait and see and think it over some more i guess.

third, sadly i won't be posting as frequently anymore. this is the last day of school and therefore my last day near the internet everyday. i will be online at least once a week at the in-laws to work on my graduate homework, so i hope to steal some time to blog than. please stick with me ya'll. i like getting comments!

lastly, i wanted to get some pics of the leethal bracelet's that i have been making but alas, i forgot last night! ah!

oh yeah. i have scratched the idea of the bella blouse with my bamboo yarn. now i think that i will make the tuxedo tank from an old interweave knits.

well that is all for today. have a great summer and i hope to be back here next week with some exciting projects. i have a couple sewing projects lined up for this weekend. fingers crossed.


  1. love that tank Britt...are you going to use your own handspun??

  2. Anonymous9.6.09

    I am sad that you are sad.

    I will miss you posting, but will always check back to see when you do.

    Hope that the end of school is all that you want it to be.