baby shower gifts

I have to go to a baby shower this coming weekend for the wife of a cousin of my husband. I know confusing... Anyway, I made some gifts this weekend.
These came from the book, Generation T: Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt by Megan Nicolay. She has two of these books. I love them both. You should really check them out.

These are the 0 - 6 month baby booties. These are made from an old rummage sale onezie that I liked the design of.

And then I made burb clothes. Or as the boys like to say barf clothes. Three different rummage sale t's with cool desings.

You shape them with indents in the middle so that they lay better on your shoulder. Stitch a running stitch around the outer edge. Then stitch two vertical rows about 4 inches apart down the middle.
I love the designs on these ts.

And the colors are more for boys. so maybe the hubby will use these clothes more than wifey poo.

then i cut up another onesie to make a little bag for them. Simple cut off the bottom of the onesie and the sleeves. sew along bottom edge. voila. bag. then i don't have to wrap anything.
all material from rummage sale goodies. all extra cool. all super cheap. thank god for thriftying!!


  1. Barf cloths... love that! Cute projects. I'm all about recrafting anything and everything. T-shirts are so versatile, too. I saw online that a gal made baby snuggly-pj's out of men's old t-shirts. http://thismamamakesstuff.blogspot.com/2008/08/tutorial-t-shirt-to-newborn-gown.html

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