addiction / obsession

I am an addict.

I can't get enough. I just want to recycle every cheapo sweater out there I can find. It is fun and soothing to unravel some machines hard work. My boys even love it.

So here is another sweater that bit the dust.

A $0.50 rummage sale sweater of 100% cotton. very soft stuff.

These balls are small sections of reds, greys, greens, golds, and dark blue that made up the striped section of the original sweater.

These following balls are the dark blue main sections of the sweater. love this dark color.

the next yarns are from a trade on ravelry. the other thing that i love doing. trading something i am not using for something else super cool.
like these, hand dyed beauties.

and some malabrigo. love malabrigo. destined for another foliage so that maybe i can keep the other one!!

lastly, my mother-in-law is addicted to buying me buttons. so here are some that she picked up from JoAnn Fabrics.


  1. How do you unravel them? I've got a feeling at least some of them are cut at the edges, and you'd end up with a pile of yard-long individual pieces of yarn... even if they're not cut at the edges, how do you separate the pieces of the sweater?

  2. addiction...I know it well...;))