a last minute addition

Marie-Jolie over at Permission to Unwind sent me this link for a baby gown. I know that I have seen the entry before but had completely forgotten about it. So once she directed me there again, I just had to make one. So I rummaged through the Goodwill T stash and found the perfect t. Unfortunately the day I made it it was cloudy and the T is black (never good for photography!).

I love this. I wish my boys were babies again. I would make a ton of these. Super easy and fairly quick considering I sew by hand (still no sewing machine here in sneezerville). The sleeves are from a second T because the T that I used was just a small; not enough left over for the sleeves. But I really like the two toned look!!

I put some recycled elastic in the bottom to cinch it in.

I didn't bother to hem the sleeves. Let's face it, with t-shirt material you don't have to. It is not going anywhere.

Now this is what you can't see and it is my favorite part. Check out the pattern. The shoulder area kind of overlaps and curves which make for this great way for the baby's head to fit through. LOVE IT. I want to make myself a neckline like that on a T. one day maybe.

My second favorite part. All of the cool pictures on the front of this T!!

What is your favorite recycled project??


  1. Woo hoo! Cool project, and thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. that is one cool project Britt!