Christmas idea tutorials

As we all know, Christmas is coming. And we, being the crafty people that we are, want to make things for the people that we love.

I was looking over my bookmarks and I have a ton of tutorials saved. So I figured that over the next month I would share with you some of my favorites and maybe you will find something cool to make someone that you love. I know that I will be.

Here is the first installation:

messenger bag from //between the lines//

door organizer from Design*Sponge

moleskine cover from Keyka Lou

scrap savvy bookmark from 7 LAYER STUDIO

shrinky dink trinkets from How about orange...
Ok. I just looked up shrinky dinks. Expensive!!!
So I found a cool how to on how to make them! Go here.


  1. Thanks for sharing those great links!

  2. Hi! I'm Annri. I just had an email from Theresa, tdoeswool, and she let me know that you and I are swap partners. I'm glad to be! Looking at your blog and the blogs you read, I can see we're a pretty good match... I hope you will agree.

    I have a similar list of bookmarks that I better begin to move on too! Thanks for the reminder.