snow days

what do you do when you are out of school/work for 3 days due to snow? you knit like a mad person on your Mrs. Darcy cardigan. all of this effort takes a toll on my finger because of the wonky way i hold my yarn while knitting. observe the weird line on my finger, that began to hurt, get dry and crack. so i had an idea. use some fabric left overs to make a wide ring for the yarn to pass over instead of rubbing the crap out of my finger.

so i cut two fabric strips a little wider than my tape measure and about 5.5 cm long. iron on some fleece iron stuff that i had laying around the house to one of the pieces of fabric.

get out the dark brown thread. sew up the long sides of the material with right sides facing each other. turn inside out and then stitch the ends closed using mattress stitch.

violá. a reversible ring the sits just perfectly for the yarn to pass over.

no more line on my finger!
P.S. sorry for the crappy photos. i swear i thought they looked better when i took them!

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