last day for the giveaway

I go this in the mail the other day and it had some great knits in it.

there was this, which i just saw on craftzine how to make out of an upside down sweater!!

and this one...

and my favorite!! i want to try and make this sometime. i don't have the yarn for it right now though so it will have to wait.

and some new yarn. hopefully enough there for a pair of big socks for my mother-in-law for christmas.
this is a cotton blend sock yarn from yarntopia.

the color is starbucks.

winner of giveaway to be announced tomorrow. You guys have a pretty good chance, since not too many signed up!


  1. That's beautiful sock yarn... lovely mild colors. I'm fascinated enough by self-patterning socks that I tend to buy only those, but regular variegated yarn's so nice I should reconsider my obsessions :)

  2. I was just looking at the J Jill too - wondering which I could make myself and which would just be too much work. Settled on having to buy the merino v-neck, since the stitches were so fine, I'd be knitting a sweater on 00s! (and all stockinette, which means I'd be using those 00s to poke holes in my eyes)