Another round: Christmas gift ideas/tutorials

Reusable sandwich bag by Betz White
I want to make some of these. I was thinking of layering the Capri
Sun drink bags inside instead of using the fancy fabric
that I can't find. Any thoughts?
Cereal Box Storage Bins by Urban Nest

Fabric gift wrap by La vida compartida
found this one while signing up for her giveaway, which
sadly... i lost.

Eddie cap by Mushroom Villagers

The weekender by weekend designer
This one is a little complicated for a Christmas present.
But I want to make one of these ...
some day.


  1. Oodles of cute projects! Thanks for sharing those ideas. I have been wanting to make those little sandwich bags for ages, but have yet to finally do it. :)

  2. Awesome tutorials! I love the Reusable Sandwich Bags and the Storage Bins. I'm bookmarking them for future making.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have some PUL if you'd like some, though the jury is out on whether it's actually safe for use next to food. Most of mine is solid colors, though I may have a few prints hanging around. I used it as a waterproof layer in cloth diapers that I sewed.