more christmas presents

These I made because the boys were bugging me for something fast. So these are puffy scrap magnets courtesy of the Pink Penguin.

These are more scrap magnets. not stuffed though. just fabric sewn around the magnets. I used pinking shears around the edges of the red and white ones.
these are made from quilted scraps from the coffee cozies coming up.

sorry for the dark photos. it was late when i finished these.

coffee cozies courtesy of House on Hill Road. (Sorry for some reason I can't get this one to link up.)

super easy. fast. nice. think i will try to make a couple more before the big day. ones on the right are quilted using moda fabric strips. the backing fabric is from an old pair of jeans. the buttons are from last year's big mother-in-law present of a 100 buttons. the middle fabric is felt.

these are some more mama chic wristlets from JC Handmade, because I love them and wanted to make some more.

buttons from the stash. quilted fabric is moda strips. backing material is from an old denim shirt.

my boys made necklaces for their grandmas from the shrinky dinks that they made.

and I realized that my mom needed some more goodies so i made her a rice foot warmer thingy.
the rice bag part if made from muslin. i probably put too much rice in it. oh well. i was just doing this from the seat of my pants.

cut two pieces of coordinating fabric. cut one of the pieces a little bigger and cut it in two pieces. folded down one side of each and top stitched it. then put them faces together and sewed clear around the entire piece.
turned right side out. and voila.
a pocket to put the rice bag in.
put bag in.

heat in microwave.
stash near the feet or any other cold appendage.
coming up... an everyday tote by lotta made by me for mom. more details to come.


  1. thank you for the tutorial Britt!
    and you have made so many wonderful gifts!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Seriously Britt....You are on FIRE!!! Crazy cool thing that you are making.

    I really love those cozys and the wristlets.

    Happy crafting as always.