Coin purses and a baby sewing machine

Leethal had these lovely coin purses in a free pattern the other day and I just had to make some. Besides my mom was needing a new one. So here are two of them made per instructions.

I added a Shrinky Dink "button" that the boys and I made last weekend.
To see the quilted insides, go here. If you read my other post on these you know that the quilting was a mishap due to cutting material toooooo early in the morning.

Then I wanted to make a green one out of the leftover malabrigo from the Fetching mitts. Well it turns out I can't read. I about a 9" kelly green zipper instead of a 7".
So I added 2 more inches to the knitted piece. And voila! A larger coin purse!

I love the "button" for this one. This coin purse is going to a friend of mine here at school next week.

I liked the quilted insides of the other two soooo much that I did it to this one on purpuse. These one has 3 pieces of like material sewn together. I absolutely love it and want to make more of these. It is a great way to join sewing and knitting and to use up some leftover yarn!

Also, I finally bought a sewing machine. Nothing exciting. It's just a baby but it should suit my purposes fine.

It's a Pixie Plus multi purpose craft sewing machine. It does a pretty good job. I was practicing with it this morning. Later today it gets the real test. Sewing a pair of slippers for my mom!

Plus it came with all of these goodies. Hand sewing needles, two thimbles, measuring tape, little scissors, pins, buttons, snaps, extra needle and a two threaders.

But that is not all...tons of prewound bobbins and...

several different colors of thread. Although I did discover that this stuff breaks pretty easy. :(

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  1. great coin purses!!! is amazing have a new sewing machine, dont you?!! happy weekend!