Christmas sewing

First, the Pixie sewing machine stinks. Yeah it came with a lot of cool stuff and it was cheap, but it only works about half of the time. Bummer. So I borrowed my mom's Kenmore sewing machine and made the following...

2 sets of quilted coasters. This set for my dad's wife and...

This set of 8 for my mother-in-law. She has a big family.
Made this up as a went. started with 5" squares. quilted one square using felt as the backing. put right sides facing, sewing all around and living a gap of about 2.5" to turn it right side out. folded in the opening then top stitched around all the sides.

Fabric is from JoAnn's. precut fat quarters sold in a pack of all reds and whites.

I made 3 adult reversible headbands following this tutorial.

and 2 child size reversible headbands following the same tutorial.

Then what I wanted the most... wristlets by JC Handmade. Tutorial here.

The fabric is from JoAnn's. Precut in strips. I think that it is Moda fabric. Used felt for the lining and denim from an old shirt for the back.
I used some of the fun stitches available on mom's machine to top stitch the pieces.

Old headbands for the part to go over the buttons.

still need to sew buttons on these, but I am doing that today. I want to make more of these. I really like how they turned out.
There are 5 all together and one is staying with me.
Also made a whole bunch of little rice bags for the 5 stones game. tutorial found here.

there are enough for 5 gifts. need to sew or find some kind of container for them, yet.


  1. Put them in old mason jars, with a lovely ribbon around then

  2. So much sewing! It all looks so cute!

  3. You've been busy! Tons of cute stuff!