fat quarters galore

i like to shop for fat quarters. i have not gotten up the nerve to hand stitch anything large than a bag yet. so fat quarters work beautifully and are cheap. the above fabric is some that i picked up at joann fabrics and i hope to make into a zakka pouch sometime. all i need is the right yarn color to go with it. white is out of the question due to the dirtiness factor. so it may take some looking to find that perfect color cotton yarn.
these are some other beautiful fat quarters that i picked up on my last visit to joann's, the only fabric store near my town. i hope to make some bags and pouches for christmas presents for next year. wishful thinking, jumping the gun like that, but i can always hope.

and lastly, these are some scraps from last christmas's projects. i hope to one day, when i have a sewing machine and am feeling ambicious, to make a quilt of some kind out of these. so one day in the future you may see these again as something much more beautiful. also some of the above fabric may look familiar to the observant. they are leftovers from making the japanese knot bag from a previous post. i hope to use them to make a matching camera bag someday.

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