FOs and a travesty

project: Bella's mittens by Maurielle Henault

started / completed: Jan. 19 - 21, 2009

needles: US 8 (magic loop)

yarn: Alpaca with a Twist highlander (color: black thorn)

i love these gloves. they are so warm and squishy and they were quick. i love the color too. evidently these are fashioned after the gloves worn by the actress in the Twilight movie. i haven't seen the movie, but when i do i will be looking for these! i have read the books though, and i loved them too. they were completely addictive; couldn't put them down and when they ended i wanted more. yeah i am such a book groupie. next up: a hat to match. i am going to make the hawk hat by preita and adjust the cable to the cable in these gloves.

one more look! Fab!

now look at this mess. this is a sock that i made my mother about 2 years ago, right after i learned to make socks. it is made with knit picks essential sock but obviously they have worn out. she wants me to darn these. i have never darned socks before. i am hoping to find a nice tutorial or explanation some where on the net to do this. i do have a little bit of this yarn left, so i can at least fill in back in with the same color. i am sure it won't match exactly anymore but it will be close. i really don't think that i can make the design in it again, but lucky mommy doesn't care. she just wants her socks back. i think mom will be getting more handknit socks for her birthday this year, which is cool. i haven't made any socks in a while.

as a parting shot, some elk that my husband saw on his hunting trip to new mexico this last weekend. no he didn't shoot any (they are out of season). he was there predator hunting, but had no luck.

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