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Project: Japanese Knot bag (tutorial by Show your workings)
material: fat quarters from Joann Fabrics
thread: some heavy duty stuff lying around the house
This bag is the first one that i made. it is all hand stitched, due to the fact that i don't own a sewing machine. it didn't take very long and i made 6 all together for christmas presents and kept this one for myself. i just love it and adore the pattern. the pattern is also reversible.

here is the inside of the bag, at least, that's how i keep it most of the time. i just think that it is such a versatile design and uses fat quarters. i love any project that can be done with fat quarters!

one last shot, just because.

Project: Shalom by Meghan McFarlane
started/completed: jan. 12 -17, 2009
needles: US 10 1/2
yarn: Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Chunky
skeins: 4.6 (500yds)
mods: added some ribbing to make short sleeves
3 buttons instead of one
no waist shaping

absolutely love this sweater. the design is great, the fit flattering, the yarn soft and warm, and the buttons were part of my christmas present! my mother-in-law bought me about 100 buttons as a christmas present! she thought that i would love them, her friends thought that she was crazy and i absolutely adore them!
more knitting... i am currently working on making Bella's mittens. i lost my peekaboo mittens sometime this winter. and after having temperatures in the negative numbers for over a week, i decided i needed some gloves with fingers. i saw these on ravelry and knew that i had to have them. also plan on making a new hat to go with them.

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