fixing the tudoras

towards the end of 2007 i made two tudoras from this lovely pattern by cheryl marling. they were supposed to be knit from heavy yarn on smaller needles. i used two strands of sock yarn held together with size 4 needles, which i thought made a firmer fabric. it didn't. the neckwarmer was all floppy after just a couple of wearings. so i planned to add some material to it. i finally did just that this past weekend. with the above materials in hand i set to work. i traced out the shape on some muslin and then i traced the shape on a piece of material that match. next, i traced two more of the shapes on some fusible fleece. then i cut the fleece about a 1/4 inch smaller than the tracing. i fused it to the material and muslin per intructions with the fleece.

then with some heavy duty thread i hand stitched the material to one tudora and the muslin to the other. found some buttons and put them in place. now i thought that i would keep the pretty material one for me and give the other away next christmas for a gift.

but really, i like this plain one so much better. plus the button is funny. it is from an old shower curtain but it is a cool wood button.

they fit wonderfully. the handstitching adds a nice touch. you can leave it open a bit to see the material or wear it so that the material is hidden away.

they are extremely warm (i tested run one today in 6 degree temperatures). ok so one christmas gift down, many more to come. i hope!

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