snow days continued

so what else do you do while off of school/work for 3 snow days? you reorganize the craft corner. the bag full of goodies goes out to a new friend on ravelry. the basket is full of buttons that i got for christmas from the in-laws. The box is full of my current knitting goodies and lots of green yarn. on the other box, joinging my snowman, cowboy, horse, and moose statues is a linen and muslin basket that i had stitched for christmas. i made 3 others to give to relatives as presents. the linen is from lotta jansdotter. i bought a bag of scraps for $24. well worth it. the scraps were gorgeous and the material worked great with the basket pattern. sorry though, i can't remember the website i got the tutorial from for the basket. the basket holds my small assortment of threads and a couple of needles that i use constantly. all of this is next to my favorite huge green reading chair. i love that chair! where do you all craft? got a special cubby just for crafting?
my 5 year old and i also spent the time making cookies. which of course barely lasted a couple of days in our cookie monster eating house! we love oatmeal chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. ok. we love chocolate chips, if you can't tell!
i know it is negative whatever outside and he isn't wearing a shirt. but in all honesty, be glad he is wearing pants! my two boys love to run around in their undies and luckily that is possible because we have the best wood burning stove know to man! it keeps us really toasty.

and the last thing you do on snow days is load everyone up with tons of clothes and send them out into the snow for a little 4 wheeler sledding because we have no hills to sled down.

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