goodies from recycling

First up, t-shirt backpack from one the the cool t-shirt recycling books that I have picked up. one i posted about last week. this was cool skeleton t-shirt.

the pack is double layered for sturdiness.
it's ties are also from t-shirt material knotted through holes in the bottom.

the boys love it.

second, goodwill sweater recycling. sweaters from goodwill not as cheap as from a rummage sale but way better selection. this sweater had 7 cool buttons too.
it is a orange tweed. made of 55% ramie, 30% nylon, and 15% wool and it is made by baxter and wells. perfect for size 7 needles and Napoleon by Berroco.

third, another recycled goodwill sweater. this is more size 3 needles or 4. it is a gorgeous green tweed. 50% acrylic, 25% wool and 25% nylon. very soft if you can believe it.

fourth goodie, my niece. in a snow cat hat!! free prize pattern from cosymakes.

sorry, she wasn't a happy camper for the photo shoot.

but thanks over there at cosymakes!

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