more for the giveaway

an added item for my giveaway. merino. spun by me. one 3ply (@60 yds). one 2ply (@60 yds).

see post below for more details on the giveway for my 100th posting!!

i spent this weekend recycling a couple of sweaters from goodwill.
can't remember the company for this one.
but it was a large striped sweater.
this is 100% cotton in lots of strips because of the stripes.
but should make a really cool sweater for a baby or little person.

more 100% cotton yarn. for US 7 or 8 needles.
from a sweater from target. Merino brand name.
lovely chocolate brown.
hoping to make a vest or sleeveless sweater from this.
ideas are circling in my brain.
must finish napoleon first though.
son's 6th birthday was saturday.
he wanted a ghostie cake that he saw in the martha stewart
halloween magazines.
ghosties made from large and small marshmallows and chocolate icing.
it was a big hit with everyone.
he also wanted a red velvet (blood red) cake.
here he is looking oh so excited before blowing out the candles!


  1. I love that you are recycling sweaters. Good for you! I honestly didn't know that other people were as silly as me and would unwind an old sweater to use the yarn, but now I realize that we knitters are all quite a similar bunch! Where there is yarn... we're there!

  2. Your 6 year old looks about as excited as mine did before he blew out his candles.