giveaway coming and an FO

First, I am nearing my 100th post. actually it is the next one!! that is kind of a milestone so there will be a giveaway. sorry sewers, it will be yarn related. so look for the details in the next and 100th post!

Foliage by Emilee
yarn: lamb's pride worsted
color: prairie fire
needles: US 7 and US5
I love this hat!! it is a little scratchy according to my boys and is a "girl's hat". it is destined to be someone's christmas present. i guess a girl's christmas present.
i love the color of this yarn. i have some of it left. i need to find a creative way to use it. headband?? bracelet?? not sure that there is enough there for anything else. :(
I have started Napoleon with the rummage sale sweater orange tweed yarn. i decided on size 6 needles instead of the size 7. I was getting 19st = 3.5 inches. so i cast on 76 and made the end stitches selvedge.
this sweater is knit in different directions. the botton is knit in 2 parts. the knitting is not done from top to bottom but rather it is knit so that the knit stitches will run horizontal. it should be interesting. i hope that the finished product is as beautiful as theirs. i have been in love with this pattern ever since i first saw it!!

Remember, giveaway details the next time i post!!


  1. Congrats on your (almost) 100th post.
    Pretty hat! Also, I'm going to have to do a little search for Napoleon - it looks beautiful (and would be a great chance to try out something a little different).

  2. Giveaway... woo hoo! Love the hat. :)

  3. 100...wow!
    love the hat!