the lovely mrs. darcy...

this sweater was knit during time off from school/work. it went very quickly. plus i had a lot of time on my hands.
i absolutely love the extra long sleeves on this sweater. so cozy. i dislike my wrists hanging out. this seems to happen a lot to me. i wear a small but must have gangly arms. i always need to add an inch or two to what i am making to be happy with it. but not this cardi!

project: mrs. darcy cardigan by mary weaver
started/completed: jan. 25 - feb. 1, 2009
needles: US 10
yarn: cascade yarns 220 the heathers
color: shire 2245
mods: shoulder shaping added + a few stitches around cause gauge was off
also changed all of the decreases to slant with the fabric instead of against
this is a lovely cardigan. unfortunately it contains some errors. these errors have not been fixed on the pattern, so this is probably not a project for a new knitter. it requires someone who knows the make up of a sweater pretty well. it is still a great cardigan. so by all means jump on the bandwagon and make one. 381 people can't be wrong!
PS: (a post note before the end of the post) i really can't stand people writing bad things about patterns on ravelry. if you look through all of these projects completed on ravelry, you will find some pretty nasty comments about this pattern. errors happen. we don't need to trash someone or their work because there are some errors. it takes a lot of work for someone to design a sweater, make the sweater, and write the pattern. so let's not put them down when they have made such a great effort to give us something so lovely for FREE! don't make the sweater if you don't want the challenge of fixing some boo boo's! and don't trash people's work in a public manner like that! it is just piss poor edicate. any hoo. enough ranting about mean people! on with more photo goodness.

buttons are from the crazy button stash, christmas 2008!

one more look at the cardigan with my new fabric ring
(which worked really well for the chafing)!

well, i am jumping on another bandwagon before the end of the sweater knitting season. the famous february lady sweater by pamela wynne will be mine next. there are 3,833 of these on ravelry.
i will be making it out of dream in color classy. this yarn is pure squishy goodness! i will be starting it tonight during the super bowl as well. go cardinals! unfortunately cards, this yarn is not in your colors. it is nightwatch, a blend of blues and purples.
happy knitting tonight, football fans! and don't forget to root for the underdogs!

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