i have said in the side bar that i am an artist. but the other day i realized that i had never shown any of my artwork. the following are two pictures that a drew many years ago. i haven't drawn since i had my boys about 5 years ago. i find that i don't have enough time without distractions to sit down and do it. the boys just keep me too busy.

first, this picture came from a photo that i took when my husband and i were on our honeymoon driving around out west. these horses were in a big open field on the pine ridge indian reservation.

(sorry. i tried to get shots without a glare. it was impossible.)

here are some close ups of each section.

second, this is a picture that i drew for my husband shortly after we started dating about 9 years ago. i can't remember were i got the picture. (I have to draw from a photo. i am not good with moving objects.)

maybe this one is easier to see?

hope that you liked them.
i have a few more sitting around home. maybe i will get them on here at a later date.


  1. Anonymous20.5.09

    Oh my god, you ARE an artist.

    Those are stunning, the detail is CRAZY.

    I'm glad you shared them, I was wondering what kind of artist you were (aside from spinning wonder, that is)

  2. Wow your detail & accuracy is amazing.