more spinning and a new friend

well i got tired of plying my yarn as i went and wanted to try making some singles to ply together later. this seems to go so much faster. when i have two batches of singles i want to make a 2ply of this fiber to see what it will look like and how thick it will be.

this spinning thing is still new to me and i have a feeling that i will be experimenting for quite awhile.

the next picture is of my finished 3ply BFL. the twist was set and then a small skein was made.

this is about 61 yards. it came out great (i think) for my first attempt at spinning and plying.
i also made a new friend today! i love the blogging world and like everyone else i love a good giveaway. i enter the ones that show up on the blogs that i read. i don't go crazy searching for them just to be entering for a chance to win some goodies. well i happened upon a link to some giveaways on a blog that i read regularly and in the excitement of possibly winning a nice needle case entered the giveaway without paying close attention to the end date.
but the lovely julia over at in search of contentment e-mailed me for a little exchange and she became my first "follower" ( a great blogspot option that i don't use enought). well i am thrilled to be making an exchange with her and am so excited at having a new amiga in the blog world. thanks julia!


  1. Anonymous1.5.09

    The feeling is mutual...so glad to have found you!

    Again....love your site!


  2. friends. and a wonderful spun...what could be better...