here is julia's yarn. (hey, julia. i think i forgot to tell you how much is there. the smaller skein is 70.9 yds and the larger one is 129yds.)

Project: 3-ply BFL in a
color called DEEP SPACE
by Frabjous Fibers.
I navajo plied it on my spindle.
at my guess it is around a sport weight.

not super even all over. it took me part way through each one to get the hang of it and get an even balanced yarn. but i love the color combinations.

this foto is a more accurate representation of the colors. i hope you enjoy julia. if nothing else it is fun to look at!
some project spectrum spinning. this month's color is yellow. this is some gorgeous bamboo/merino that i started spinning this weekend.

it is a dream to spin. it is so soft and silky feeling. it is destined to be a 2-ply. the color is called milk and honey and it is from KnitItUp.
P.S. don't forget to come back tomorrow and check out my giveaway items. i will have something for the knitters out there and the sewers.


  1. Anonymous27.5.09

    Britt, I am in LOVE.

    I mailed you a email earlier, but then I saw your blog post.

    Did I mention I am in LOVE with this yarn?

    Seriously, you should go into business.

    Your pictures are so terrific, great detail and angles.

    truly, jules

  2. Beautiful! Did you do all the work on a spindle?