Project Spectrum : yellow

some etsy finds that fit project spectrum and make me wish i could spend some money right now.

optic blossom wristlet/cosmetic bag by atouchofstardust

i love the gray and yellow combination in this. and i so want to make some of these little bags this summer!

day at the beach - tencel top - 8 oz by NaturalObsessions

i love the bright yellow in this. i am sure that it would look great spun up. too bad i can't buy anything right now.

the cottage keeper BLOUSE by elfland

simple. cool. stylish.

plaid and yellow dress by themachinestops

love the yellow trim on this dress.

dk weight yarn for socks by kayclairgoodies

i love the combination of yellow and purple in this yarn.

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  1. I seriously love that purple and yellow yarn. That would make an AWESOME shirt.