my anne elliot spencer shrug is going to drive me crazy. and i was so near the finish for the main body piece.

first, i noticed one side of the front had way more stitches than the other.

so i started ripping back.

second, i noticed an error in the lace pattern two rows before the neckline decreases.

so i ripped back further.

third, i was picking up the stitches and noticed another error in the lace pattern another row down.


i am going to accept this as a blessing. at least this gives me the opportunity to try the other skein of yarn that i have and see if the colors match up better. because the skein i was using was more gray than soot!

wish me luck that i can keep my sanity before this thing is done. because i am not allowing myself to start another project until i finish this one!

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  1. Anonymous14.5.09

    You're a better girl than I!!!

    I would have just finished the damn thing and worn it anyway.

    I REFUSE to rip out stitches!


    I wish you luck Girlie!