cookies and HELP!

we made cookies last night!

this is a new recipe. we keep trying different kinds of cookies because my son has low blood sugar issues and is not supposed to have white flour or sugar! we love cookies! so we keep experimenting with different recipes and combinations.

these are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from the Clean Food Cookbook by Terry Walters. the recipe called for white flour or brown rice flour. we used whole wheat pastry flour and they were great. you are supposed to use carob chips or dark chocolate chips as well. we used the dark chocolate. they were great. crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.
WARNING! they were difficult to roll into balls as the directions instructed so i just kind of mushed them onto the cookie sheet and we baked them 14 minutes instead of 16. at 16 they were burnt around the edges. kids don't like burnt!
VERDICT: the boys loved them. i loved them. and the hubby liked them eventhough they contained coconut. we will be making these puppies again.
NOW i need HELP. i am making the Anne Elliot Spencer shrug. my sister-in-law doesn't want the girlie picot edging around the neckline. but without it the neckline is going to curl up.
so here is what i need...
what kind of edging can i add on later or do now to solve this dilemma?
please help blog world!


  1. Anonymous6.5.09

    I usually do a row of Purling after the first row of knit. It really helps to avoid the rolling.

    I don't know how to go about adding it after you've knitted so much already but maybe there is a way?

    Good luck

  2. Do you crochet? If so, a reverse single crochet (aka crab stitch) is very nice.

    Otherwise, how about an applied i-cord?