OMG i hope that my husband doesn't kill me...

as the title reads, i hope that i am alive later.

i just bought this...

louet s10 spinning wheel (not the winder though).

i couldn't pass up the price : $169.oo!!

these babies go for upwards of $400!

why did i get it so cheap you ask??

i am assured that it works fine. it just doesn't look pretty anymore. the seller couldn't sell it because of the looks. no one wants to spend a ton of money on something that doesn't look pristine!

but i am willing to spend some money on something less than beautiful if it works well.

keep your fingers crossed that i am not a sucker.


  1. Great Father's Day gift ideas, weather radios, perfect for summer!

  2. not to goober out there sending me advertisements in my comments. quit it! it isn't nice!

    from britt