10 embarrassing things

Thankfully not one of my embarrassing things!

Marie over at Permission to Unwind layed out some pretty embarrassing things for all to read, so I thought that I would join her. Here is my unofficially tagged meme:

1. I teach Spanish, but have never been to a Spanish speaking country.

2. I was a substitute teacher for my husband! He is 3 years younger. I was subbing to help pay for college. We did not date during that time; we only casually knew each other. We started dating about 5 years later! Please don't think of me as one of those horrible teachers that you see on the news.

3. I can never remember the year my husband and I were married, so whenever someone asks I have to studder around and try to do the math in my head.

4. One of my front teeth is noticeably longer than the others and still crooked even after 4years of braces as a teenager.

5. I once slipped up and said a curse word while teaching class!!! Very embarrassing. I am still waiting for that group of students to graduate.

6. I can't pronounce words in English that I have never heard someone else say aloud before.

7. I am the world's worst speller in English and a horrible typist.

8. I was once publically called a cheater for using the same book to write two very different papers in college. Super embarrassing! I had no idea at the time that it wasn't ok to do that. I will never forget it though. Gracias, SeƱora Merida.

9. I sing Christmas carols horribly off key and very loudly.

10. I have acne at age 32! I have to use Proactive every day. It sucks.

Anyone else want to let it all hang out??? Let Marie know when you do. It is only fair. She let it out first!

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  1. I'm enjoying your blog...here's something funny that one on your list reminds me of.
    I couldn't read Penelope and say it correctly...I read it and say Pene-lope, phonetically the e is silent and the "l" says it name. I do the same the with the word "compromise". I don't say it correctly when reading...I say "com-promise"...like the word promise. So, it's a flaw that I have.