books galore

i love books. any kind of books, picture books or reading books. for this reason i joined paperbackswap.com. you register your books and then you earn points for each book that you trade off to someone else. you then use those points to pick books from other people and the shipping is fairly cheap. way cheaper than buying a book brand spanking new. so if you don't mind a book that someone else has already flipped through go over there and check it out. (by the way, i think you have to have at least 10 books to trade in order to join.)

these books above are heading out in the mail today. there are about 9 books in total and they are going all over the place; from Florida to California! i just think that is so cool.

speaking of books, i recently purchased this book. it definitely falls under simple. i don't know a whole lot about sewing yet, but this almost seems too simple for my meager mind. but it has some cool patterns in it and i love lotta jansdotter's linens and designs! a big bonus to getting the book.

i really want this door stop. why since i have no doors that could use a doorstop? because it is cool! there is just something about it. i want one. so look for it some day on this blog.
maybe i could use it for weight lifting??!!

and i desperately want something to organize our mail here in la casa de sneeze. this wall organizer looks awesome, is simple, and would completely meet my needs. so one day maybe i will get it accomplished as well. fingers crossed.
well i am off to wait for more snow. supposedly just an inch. but those poor weathermen have had problems with their predictions lately. like last week's, 2-3 inches that was more like 6-8 inches! oh well. ¡viva la nieve!

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