Float Stole by Melinda C. Hunt (Spring 2009, Interweave Knits)
I have been pretty disappointed with the designs in the Interweave Knits magazine for the past few copies. I love Eunny Jang and was really hoping that with her in charge, I was going to see all kinds of coool knits that I just can't live without. Not the case, again to my disappointment. But it might be worth getting ahold of the spring issue just to have the pattern to the Float Stole. I think that it is absolutely gorgeous.
This week end I was flipping (literally, flipping, I don't really read this mag) through the lasted edition of Entertainment Weekly and saw this article about the Bella Mittens. I thought that maybe it was going to be about the ravelry pattern floating around out there, but no. This is an article about how to get ahold of your own pair from the original British knitwear designer, Ruth Cross for ONLY $80. Wow! I made mine for about $15.oo! I feel like I have saved an enormous about of money. (Pat on my back.) The only difference, that I saw between the ones that I made and these, was the palm side of the mitten seems to have a different pattern, instead of plan stockinette.

Parts on pieces to what will soon be my new knitting bag, the zakka pouch.


  1. *Squeak* Wow, thank you, very, very much.

  2. Britt, I am so jealous of your knitting! I am knitting incompetent, all yarn turns to, uhm, tangled yarn in my hands. I got Burda WOF as a birthday present, and had my parents order it from amazon. It's $80 for a years subscription, which, yes, sounds spency, but thats 6.67 an issue, and each issue has like 40 patterns in each issue, so thats like, uber cheap for patterns. I don't know how difficult the patterns will be yet, I have heard they can be intimidating, but so far I think it's totally worth it, if just for the inspiration. Love your blog!