super bowl and yarn giveaways

oh super bowl! a glorious time to watch some football and enjoy lots of knitting. NOT! dang that game! i was to busy yelling at the TV to get anywhere on my february lady sweater (which, ha ha, i am working on in february, i promise that was not planned!). this is ALL that i got done!!!

i was really hoping the poor cardinals would pull it off, but alas it was not meant to be. :(
in other news...
i love ravelry. you can post your yarn goodies for trade/sell or just gift them to whoever wants or needs them. i always put my partials and left overs up for grabs and i love being able to send them off to someone who can get some use out of them. i hate seeing the yarn wasting away in my stash with no real purpose. so these are off in the post today.

these two partials of Patons Classic Wool Merino are going out to Jaime in Tennessee. she messaged that she has never tried this brand before and would like to, so away they go in the post. i hope that she enjoys them. too bad they didn't look very good together.

and this bag of yummy leftovers is being sent to joy in utah. this bag is full of different wools and some cottons and everything from fingering weight to bulky. i hope she enjoys them.
she is looking for people's leftovers to make an afghan. she says that the weight and fiber aren't important. so if you have some goodies just languishing away in your stash, no matter how big or small, send her a message. you will be doing a good deed and making space for more yarn at the same time!

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