now generally speaking i like knit picks. (i know yarn snobs are now moving on to another blog, but please, cheap yarn really isn't all that bad, especially in this economy.) i like their needles and i like their yarn. i have bought many things from them but man i am sooo aggravated! this is my 4th circular needle that has come apart in the last year (another died a tragic death when my 3 year old got ahold of the scissors). i bought most of these as a set about 3 years ago. to me, they cost a lot of money but demonstated my committment to knitting.
this one popped apart while working on my february lady sweater and about 25 of the needles came off before i realized what was going on!! which aggravated me even more! so what am i going to do? well for now put a new cable on. and then i guess i will be ordering some more cables. my selection is getting low on lengths now.
arghhhhhhhh! i wonder if super glue would hold it in there? what do ya think?
well actually, too late! i as too pissed. i threw it away!
kamakazi squirrel in my backyard. just to relieve some aggression.
he was jumping from tree to tree and
chasing other squirrels up and down the trees.
highly amusing.

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