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Spring is getting nearer and nearer and what I am going to knit? Well I am going to finish my February Lady Sweater (I only have the sleeves left) and then try to squeeze in one more winter knit.

While searching for those perfect spring projects, I happened upon this in my queue. Upon further evaluation, I have yarn for this!!! So if all goes well it will be my last winter knit for this season. Or the first I finish next fall...??

Heartening by Amblinglia
My Alpaca with a Twist yarn that I have already used for Bella's Mittens and Hat should work perfectly!
For spring, some cotton goodies.
Runway Bolero by Robin Dodge
Plan on making this out of some Knit Picks Shine sport weight yarn in a yummy Butter color. No stripes. They just aren't me. I have been wanting to make this as a cover up for the one and only outfit that I wear to every wedding (and I have 2 so far this spring/summer).
Simple. Charming. Versatile.
Also bought some Knit Picks for this; Comfy in Pomegranate. It is a gorgeous color. I have no idea what I will wear with it but I just couldn't resist the color. Not to crazy about the fact that this yarn is 25% Acrylic, but it was cheap and again the COLOR.
The only problem with all of this planning, I didn't choose any colors that would go well with Project Spectrum, which I am participating in this year! The socks I have planned for my mom's birthday don't come close either. (That yummy goodness will appear tomorrow.)
HUH! I am supposed to be using GREEN for March and April. But none of the greens were jumping out at me, dammit! I will have to get creative with other green things I guess.
Also went back to the Zakka Pouch and moved the ribbon channel down like a wanted to do. You probably can't tell the difference but I can. To me, it looks so much better. Took a little of the length away.
Still think the base may need some blocking; probably this weekend.

One more glamour shot

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