Projects and projects and more projects

This came yesterday causing me to drool and wish and dream of spring knits. Then it made me sad because I probably won't be buying much out of it. But there are some great looking yarns at some great looking prices in here. ¡QuĂ© lastima! (Too bad!)

So I am a sucker. I really want to finish my February Lady Sweater before the end of February, but I took on yet another project. I was asked to make a slouchy hat for someone, which I agreed to do if they provided the yarn. So the very next day, said person arrives with yarn. I was really hoping for some time but since I can't turn down a real request, since they are few and far between, I jumped right in.

Here is the progress so far.

Cast on 104 stitches on supposedly size 7 circs (I think they are really like size 5!) and am knitting 2 x 2 ribbing for 3.5 inches. Then I am going to add about 10 stitches (probably) and knit stockinette black and purple stripes til I get about 10.25 inches. Then I will decide on my decreases. We will have to see how this goes. I plan on knitting on this during movies or zone out times, while still trying to get in plenty of time to finish sweater and possibly, the zakka pouch that is waiting to be put together.

Sweater so far!

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